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Radionics/Bosch Equipment

Radionic/Bosch Control Panels are the highest quality, most reliable security equipment you can own. The Radionics/Bosch systems have passed strict and detailed tests performed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Their tests ensure the quality and reliability of this innovative system.

Easy to Use
The Radionics/Bosch Alarm makes system control simple. By pressing the easy-to-read keys, the command center brings system functions and control to your fingertips.

  • Instantly determine system status
  • Silence alarms
  • Turn the system on and off
  • Control ancillary functions such as lighting, heating and more.

You're in Control
Radionics 6412 The Radionics/Bosch Alarm allows you to control system access with the ability to accommodate multiple users. Each user can be assigned a personalized passcode to access the system, allowing them to perform functions such as turning the system on and off and silencing audible alarms. You can also assign a wireless keyfob to each user for remotely controlling the system. Turn on the system from the driveway or turn off the system to free your hands to carry items into the house - wireless options make operating the system hassle-free.
The Radionics/Bosch Control Panel provides progammable authority levels so you can control system access. Create authority levels with restricted privileges to accommodate service peronnel, or give some users nearly full system access. Equipped with multiple user capablilities, you can include extended family, trusted friends and neighbors, as well as your immediate family, with full or limited access to your system. The choice is yours.

Security Made to Order
The choices are nearly endless with a Radionics/Bosch system. You can monitor up to 40 points of detection, enter multiple users with individual passcodes, and assign programmable authority levels to restrict system access. You determine the best security for your home.
  • Turn on the system to secure the front of the house while you enjoy activities in the backyard.
  • Perform tests to ensure your system is working properly.
  • Set your system to alarm immediately if a door is opened at night or anytime you want maximum security.
  • Activate the Watch feature so a tone sounds whenever your children open the patio door.
  • Set a schedule for your system to automatically turn on at 10:00 p.m. every night.
Numerous wireless security options allow you to further customize your system. Get personalized security for your family and property.

Keeping Watch Around the Clock
Security Plus provides professional installation and Central Monitoring for 24-hour system monitoring with access to vital services. With a central station connection, the police, fire department or other emergency response team will be alerted at the first sign of trouble. Help is automatically dispatched when you need it most. Whether you are at home, at work, or on vacation your Radionics/Bosch alarm and your Central Station are always watching over your property - 24 hours a day.

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