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Radionics Equipment

Control Panel

2212 Radionics Control Panel
2212 Control Panel - UL, CA State Fire Marshall Approved - Designed to monitor up to 40 points of detection allowing you to safeguard doors and windows as well as smoke and heat detectors. Backup battery included.

Keypad Command Center

  • Up to 40 points of detection for numerous and complete security options
  • Up to 4 assignable areas
  • Accommodates up to 32 users, each with a personalized passcode
  • Up to 4 programmable authority levels to selectively control access to system functions
  • Flexible report routing and various communications formats
625 Radionics Keypad
D625 Text Command Center with vacuum flurescent display provides two lines of text that display system status, alarms and other information. Touchkeys put system control at your fingertips while audible feedback guides you through system operation.

623 Radionics Keypad
D623 Text Command Center features a bright, back-lit liquid crystal display and built-in, "self-teaching" help features. Complete system information is available at your fingertips.

621 Radionics Keypad
D621 LED Command Center displays up to 16 points, providing the necessary details to pinpoint the source of alarms or trouble.

Radionics Keyfob
This 4-button keyfob that easily fits on a keychain is one of 4 wireless keypads available.

**This is only a small sample of the equipment to choose from - Let us help you choose the system perfect for your needs.

DSC Equipment

Control Panel

DSC Control PanelsWhether you need to protect 4 zones in a simple residential application or 128 zones for a commercial enterprise DSC has the control panel solution for you. Our control panels support a broad choice of system keypads, expansion modules, wireless receivers and accessories.


DSC 5501z Keypad
Fixed-Message LCD Keypad, 5 programmable function keys, Built-in configurable input/output terminal, Clock Display, Programmable door chime, programmable by zone.

DSC 5500z Keypad
Programmable Message LCD Keypad, Large, backlit, two-line, 32-character display, Plain language display of zone status, system status, trouble conditions, event buffer, system instructions, date and time, Auto-scroll open and alarm zones, Zone input, 5 programmable function keys.

5501-433 KeypadFixed-Message LCD Keypadwith Integrated Wireless Receiver. Includes all features of the wireless receivers plus:, Integrated low temperature detector, Dedicated PGM output, Built-in configurable input/output terminal

**This is only a small sample of the equipment to choose from - Let us help you choose the system perfect for your needs.

Additional Options that are Available
DSC wireless receiver Wireless Components are available for both systems. DSC Keyfob

(PIR) Passive infrared and motion detectors for interior protection Infrared
Smoke DetectorPhotoelectric Smoke detectors designed to send an alarm to your system.

Door and Window SensorsSensor